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Have you ever competed in your sport and one day you are just “on” everything is flowing? You feel great. Then the next time you compete you have no idea what’s going on. The voice in your head kicks into high gear and completely takes over and you try to figure things out. Then the cascade of negativity occurs and you begin to press.  Athletes remember: “When you are chasing your game you are chasing your mind. I have never met an athlete yet that’s caught it.”  - Coach Mark It is time to become an “Intentional Athlete.” It Is time to have success on purpose not by chance. Please learn what we call Energy, Attitude, and SWAG. Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to call on the best you have ever played any time you desire? What if you could learn processes that eliminate fear and have you playing at SWAG at any time you choose?

Sedona Sports Performance and the Intentional Athlete Program entrains Four Domains:

  • Physical Conditioning (evidence based, sports specific, position specific, movement specific, body specific training, in-season conditioning). Nutrition (supplementation and timing)

  • Mental (FHIT Focused High Intensity Training) active and passive visualization protocols that feature Step-in Step-out, Merge, Swish, Box Visualization, Q-word, Confidence Anchoring). Giving you the ability to call on the best of your game when you need it most.

  • Emotional (injury fear release, self-sabotage elimination) Playing confidently every moment of the game regardless of the game situation. 

  • Spiritual teachings of Heart Math, (Heart Coherence, Resilience, Focused Heart Breathing, Freeze-Frame, Cut-Through, Heart Lock-in)

Contact Coach Mark today. Together you will learn the most effective program that develops confidence and consistency in amateur and professional athletes today.

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