Every Athlete must learn to entrain mind, body, and sport or the next sound you hear will be the sport passing you bsy. 

Yesterday you were on. Everything was flowing. Not one concern. The next outing you can’t seem to get it going. You begin to press or chase your game. Now the cascade of doubt and negativity creep in. By the end of the day your stunned. You spent the day chasing your game which means chasing your mind and you never caught it.

Sound familiar? It should, it’s one the key reasons players never play at the next level. You bust it with extra hours in the gym, cage, field or course, but still can’t produce when you need it most. “Gee it must be my mechanics.”  The reality is, it is your mind that is sabotaging your mechanics and game. It will continue to rollercoaster because you have never been taught how to speak to that guy or girl between the ears who on some days is relentless.

We have over 40,000 inner dialogues per day. Also, called self-talk or sub-vocalizations. We are only conscious of 4500 of those self-talks.  And of the thoughts you are aware of 3 out of 5 are negative.  And if you suffer from depression 5 out of 7 thoughts are negative.

Several years ago, Neuroscience conducted experiments by taking top athletes and connecting sensors to them. The goal was to analyze brain activity in athletes. Once connected, they asked the subjects to perform sport movements like throwing a baseball, hitting a baseball, hitting a golf ball, shooting a basketball, shooting a puck plus other sports movements.

They found that the athletes’ brain activity or alpha wave level increased, each time they performed the task. And the better the athlete the more it occurred. Why is that important to you?  It is important because you the reader and everyone you know produce the same Alpha waves each time you awake in the morning and right before you fall asleep. You’ve never been taught how to use them. Sadly, that is like never using 3rd gear in your car. We lose our creativity and the ability to process stress.

Sedona Sports Performance teaches how to use this science in easily understood and applied processes. The physical and mental applies processes help stimulate Alpha and Theta activity in Athletes. How good do you think you would perform if you had complete confidence every at swing, pitch, or shot? Make the processes part of your game and I guarantee you will improve. We are so confident; we guarantee improvement or its free.

Combining Alpha training, Applied Kinesiology, (EFT, TFT, Psych-K, TATS, EMDR, NLP, Sedona Method and other Meridian Energy modalities have proven excellent for athletes, because they require fast and effective ways that will immediately impact their game. These methods understand the connection of mind and body. Sedona Sports Performance entrains mind, body and sport. That assures the athlete performs at the highest level regardless of situation. For more information on the science behind the success Contact us  

Athletes who completed the “Intentional Athlete” Program
• Have significantly improved the ability to focus
• Have released doubt and fear in their performance
• Have improved confidence - We call it Swag
• Have increased muscle and strength gains
• No longer have injury or re-injury fears
• Have sped up healing and recovery time
• Have often increased range of motion by 20% or more
• Have relieved or eliminated pain
• Have improved consistency in their performance
• Have improved mental discipline

Student Athletes Also:
• Eliminated ACT and SAT test anxiety
• Eliminated College anxiety
• Improved learning and retention
• Developed strong self-image and much more.