Athletes must entrain mind, body, and sport or the next sound they hear is the sport passing them by.

It’s time to become an Intentional Athlete and have success on purpose not by chance.
We can fill a stadium with athletes who possess the next level physique. But the athlete that goes on to play well at the next level has mastered the mind and body. Please master the quadrants and processes taught in the Intentional Athlete Program. The single best way you can help your team is to master your craft. Sedona Sports Performance offers the most effective programs available that increase your performance and confidence period or its free. You will learn: 

  • FHIT Focused High Intensity Training (The fastest and most effective way to anchor high levels of performance in mind and body).
  • How to play at Swag in every situation.
  • Nutrition and nutrition timing.
  • Proper In-season conditioning.
  • Merge, Step-in Step-out, 3-2-1.

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The Sedona Body Mastery Program teaches how to live intentionally. This loving program will help you to let go of the past, and live an abundant life. If you have an area in your life that keeps repeating you wish you could change, live the Sedona Body Mastery Program and write the life story you desire. Allow the best of you to come through you. You’ve waited long enough. Eliminate what is limiting your life and take a quantum leap forward with confidence. Begin writing and living your new story.  Your best life is still available and it is a choice. Make that choice today. Learn how to live a holistic intentional life. The Sedona Body Mastery Program offers free seminars and customized individual, group, and corporate workshops.
It is time to:

  • Gain a new outlook on life – meeting each day with joy and confidence
  • Set realistic life goals and achieve them
  • Claim control over your body and life 
  • Live your best life free of pain and fear.
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Sales leader having difficulty controlling your weight, balancing relationships, or finances? Are you falling short of your sales goals? Fear prospecting? Do you feel out of control? Do you fear changing careers? Does life seem to repeat itself? Selling in the Shift offers (Customized individual and corporate seminars and programs). Learn how to be an Intentional Sales Professional today. 

Selling in the Shift
 trains you to become the Intentional Sales Professional. In this amazing program you will:

  • Set realistic goals and achieve them
  • Become an Intentional Sales Professional
  • Take control of your life and career
  • Awake every day with confidence and clarity
  • Learn how to take the holistic approach to life and career
  • Learn what every sales training course should be teaching. 

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