Sports Performance

You invest thousands of dollars in travel, hotels, equipment, and private instruction. When was the last time you invested in the mental/emotional part of your sport? Do you perform with confidence in every situation?
I work with 25 to 30 professional athletes, many college athletes, and speak to thousands of high school athletes every year. Sooner or later the sport you love will out-grow you. If you are fortunate it will be around age 29 when the fast majority of pro athletes retire. But what happens if the sport outgrows you in college or for most High School?

One of the missions of Sedona Sports Performance is to help create the best student athletes

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you learned processes that helped you play confidently every time? What if you also found that you no longer have test anxiety, public speaking anxiety, ACT or SAT anxiety?
The Intentional Athlete Program, is the
gold standard for peak performance. The program is so effective that I guarantee improved performance after the first meeting. It is time to entrain your mind, body, and sport and have the best of your sport come through you.

Sedona Sports Performance
is dedicated to preparing athletes for success in life on and off the field. Offering seminars and programs for all ages and performance levels. Get started today, performing with confidence in sports and life. Learn More

Personal Wellness

How many of us have at least one aspect of life that keeps repeating that we wish we could change? Bills, weight, relationships, anxiety, fear? Why haven’t you changed it?

Wellness begins with well-being. It is more than “being in shape” or sporting a trim, athletic figure. Are you waking up owning each day, free of stress and anxiety? Or do you intuitively feel that there should be something more to life but are unsure how to change?

Are you truly ready for that change?

The Sedona Body Mastery Program is an “Intentional Living” program. Whether attending a workshop or online program, You will learn how to change your mind, change your body, and change your life. We believe you will so thoroughly enjoy the program that if you do not effect change in your life, It’s free.

The Sedona Body mission is to love, inspire, and effect positive world change through products and services that educate and empower a life of wellness.

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